Sensory Integration

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Pediatric Sensory Massage


I will work directly with you, the parent/caregiver, to develop massage sessions centered around your child's needs, goals, and personality. Utilizing puppets, sensory toys, stories, and songs to engage your child in massage, promote healthy touch, and help regulate their sensory system.  If you have a child that touches everything and plays roughly, it's a sign they could benefit from compression and firm massage techniques. A child that is sensitive to touch and displays tactile aversions would benefit from utilizing preferred textures at the beginning. Then gradually shifting to more aversive materials and eventually skin to skin massage as tolerated. 


Touch should always be a positive experience, which is why I never recommend massaging a child without their permission. Children can certainly tell you when they need touch or tactile stimulation and when they don't. They also can tell you what kind they need. You just have to listen a little differently.  Providing the right type of touch takes specialized training and planning, but is best provided by the parent or primary caregiver. My goal is always to give you the tools to massage your child successfully while strengthening your bond through nurturing touch. 

With specialized training from the LiddleKidz Foundation, I can help children with many diagnoses including but not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Prader Willi Syndrome, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Having one son diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Aspergers and another with Congenital Torticollis, inspired me to become a pediatric massage therapist and sparked my passion for working with children. The two years that I worked as the sensory gym and art teacher for a local private school for children impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder helped me gain further knowledge and experience. I am excited to utilize my 20 years of experience as a parent and ten years of expertise as a practitioner to reach many more families through my private practice. 

 Call, text, or email to schedule a complimentary consultation for sensory massage.

- Angie Carlozzi, LMT, MMP, CPMT, CIMT


Angie Carlozzi, LMT giving a pediatric sensory massage.
Basket with hand puppets of varying textures used for pediatric massage.

Adult Clients With Sensory Needs

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