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Our Approach

While we believe that all bodies are massage bodies, we recognize that every person is unique.  We carefully consider your goals, health conditions, activity level, work, and stressors to specifically tailor a massage program that best meets your individual needs at the time of your massage. 

Massage bed


Janet McNeal, LMT 

Janet is driven by her passion for helping others through bodywork and takes time to communicate with her clients to tailor a massage best suited for their wellness goals. As a graduate of the Florida School of Massage, she is knowledgeable and experienced in providing Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Connective Therapy, Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy, and Swedish Massage. After graduating she pursued continuing education in Medical Massage for Neck and Shoulders. Janet believes that "when your body feels good it gives hope for better living." We agree and know that you will too! Book your first massage with Janet today.



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