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Our Story

During the early stages of developing my brand and business, one thing was clear. I wanted to do more than just massage. I wanted to empower my clients with the knowledge and tools to control their health and body and maintain the benefits of their massage long after their session with me. This is why education is key and an integral part of every session. I don't always have the answers, but I will work with you to find them. As Einstein said, "It's not that I'm so smart. It's just that I stay with problems longer."  Genius right? That's why my first practice was called Angienius Massage. Yup, I am punny like that. 




Cartoon images of people with varying ages, ethnicities, and visible disabilities.

Over the years, I came to a second realization. Many people struggle with the idea that all bodies regardless of shape, size, or physical and cognitive ability, are massage bodies. Few health conditions prohibit massage entirely. The right technique and consideration from a knowledgeable therapist are all that is needed. You are not too fat, not too skinny, not too old, not too young, never the wrong race or ethnicity, and physical abilities, mental health, sensitivity to touch, and religious considerations shouldn't restrict you from receiving quality and compassionate bodywork. Say it with me, "all bodies are massage bodies!" We continue to provide a safe space for adults and children to receive custom-tailored massage therapy treatments, just with a new name. Welcome to All Bodies Massage! We are excited to help you meet your wellness goals. 

Angie Carlozzi, LMT, MMP, CPMT, CIMT, CLDPP

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