We’ve increased the CBD in our best-selling CBD salve to 1,000 mg of CBD per oz, without increasing the price!  An all-natural salve with simple ingredients that uses a highly purified CBD isolate from hemp that is 99% pure.  This wonderful natural salve contains 1,000 milligrams of purified cannabidiol from industrial hemp per ounce.  Rub it into your sore and achy muscles or on minor skin irritations including dry and itchy areas or rash.  Wonderful for itchy skin due to bug bites, bee stings, poison oak, etc.  Two oz Salve contains 2,000 mg of CBD.  Try one of the strongest CBD products on the market – because milligrams matter (TM).


The 2 oz. salve comes in a roll-on stick which is a breeze to apply and makes it easier to get at your back or shoulders.  

CBD Natural Pain Relieving Salve 2oz

  • This formula uses all natural ingredients and essential oils along with calming calendula flowers in sweet almond oil and coconut oil in addition to the purified CBD Isolate from hemp (takes away the unpleasant hemp smell and color). We infuse our sweet almond oil for three weeks with dried calendula flowers to add plant terpenes to our base oil.  This is a very “old school” apothecary method that adds natural plant terpenes to our base oil.

    This product tests non-detect for THC.  An all natural salve